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CBD Opportunity

Marijuana legalization across the United States is changing the face of business, as previously illegal or highly-regulated products come online. The fastest growing category of cannabis-related consumer products is CBD (the non-THC cousin of cannabis). Simply put, the popularity of CBD-infused products has exploded, driven by the well-publicized medical benefits of cannabidiol.

CBD is expected to be a $22 billion industry by 2024!!!


You heard that right...billion with a "b."

As CBD-infused products have already proven effective against tons of different physical ailments, like psoriasis, eczema, and sleep disorders, but with the explosion of CBD popularity, selling CBD products is also proving to be an incredible new business opportunity.

The RainNetwork has secured early access to one of the hottest new CBD products on the market, Cili by Design. Utilizing proprietary aquaceutical nanotechnology, Cili by Design is one of the most effective and powerful CBD products in the world. It's already changed thousands of people's lives around the country, and it's only poised to grow in popularity.

And now you can a piece of the action!

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How's it work?

That's a great question!

Cili by Design's unique aqauceutical nanotech allows the CBD and other nutrients to penetrate the cellular membrane and deliver a bigger nutritional payload. Scientific studies show the smaller the particles, the more bio-available they are, the faster they can penetrate and be utilized by your cells. Larger particles are less bio-available, have a slower delivery time, and are less usable by the cells.

Cili by Design uses a 7-step process to breakdown water molecules and infuse them with CBD nanoparticles, creating trillions of individual water-borne, nutritious particles the that can instantly enter your cells. The final product is a fast acting, highly therapeutic CBD supplement with 99% absorption.

CILI Swish
The exclusive flagship of CILI By Design line of products.




See what makes Cili by Design so unique by trying some of their exclusive CBD aquaceutical products.

CILI Boost
A mild, refreshing mouth spray for cellular energy.


CILI Sleep
Find consistent, reliable, and restful sleep.